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Work axes


We are the key that many dream of having… The key to a SAFE HOME


We are the key that many are happy to possess…The key to a FUTURE and HOPE


We are the key that many must know… The key to WEALTH

The development of our strategy is framed in 3 axes that support the work of the foundation, it is based on the biblical passage “he will be (Jesus) the stability of your times (the Key that Guards), abundance of salvation (the Key that Saves), wisdom, and knowledge (the Key that Teaches); the fear of the Lord is your treasure”. Isaiah 33:06

The Key that Guards

We seek to be the key that provides a SAFE home for families that with effort get ahead for their children and due to different difficult situations that they go through they cannot access a home of their own that allows them to live with dignity, we know that 52.1% of the families in the country do not have their own home, according to the results of the most recent Quality of Life Survey, made by the Dane in 2018. Will we manage to have this key? With Mi Llave… I open my House program we will deliver the keys with which many will open their shelter looking for this way to minimize the percentage of the family that does not have a house, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life and to the economy of the country.

The Key that Saves

We seek to be the key that provides a  FUTURE and  HOPE , so we care about fulfilling some basic needs of people such as physical food and clothing, becoming a support for those who suffer physical illness or have been damaged, abused, abandoned, where the sadness, desolation, depression, anguish are a constant in their daily lives and need specific help but above all they need to heal their hearts, be restored and reconciled.

¿How are we impacting with this key?

RH+ Program currently serves a particular situation as: Donation of a special medicine, nutritional supplement, market supply, clothing, diapers, donation of wheelchairs, management for surgeries, donation of eyeglasses formulas, support of school supplies, toys, adequacy of living spaces with beds, furniture, appliances and other items that help improve the quality of life, delivery of emergency or calamity financial aid for payment of rent, services, school, among others. In addition, we provide accompaniment in the spiritual, psychological and nutritional areas to strengthen families who have multiple problems and no hope, seeking their physical and emotional well-being. This program is carried out through alliances with other institutions that attend to programs that benefit the vulnerable population or in those cases that directly require it.

The Key that Teaches

We seek to be the key that provides spaces and tools to acquire the WEALTH of knowledge, based on the pedagogy of love that allows us to learn to unlearn and then relearn to achieve significant changes in the lives of people and businesses. We fight for the rescue of the values that have been lost, knowledge and to propitiate the Christian principles that are indispensable for the formation of the children, to build family and a better society, also we are interested in managing mechanisms that allow to generate conscience in the environmental care with the purpose of promoting an environmental culture to achieve a sustainable development of the present and future generations.

¿How will we transform with this key?

Mama C.C. (Mother with Christ) Program , seeks to guide the process of maternity of mothers in the period of gestation, lactating and with children up to 5 years. Through the pedagogy of love, we teach guidelines of upbringing, deepen the role of the mother and the identity of the woman, win the battle for life from conception, and provide spiritual help to face various complex situations that mothers live day to day.

Life projects: Generate life projects for mothers who are heads of families that due to different circumstances do not have economic support and/or are unemployed, have not completed basic primary education, secondary education; in general terms, do not have opportunities to get ahead.

Workshops, conferences and consultancy

For the educational sector, business and social organizations where we teach through the pedagogy of love and Christian principles various topics focused on: leadership, labor welfare, assertive communication, happiness, productivity, service, the true wealth of companies, ethics, values, family, parenting, bullying, among others that are of interest to companies to improve their processes and obtain better results depending on the specialty required.

Mi llave Bank

In order to generate environmental awareness, extend the useful life of what you do not use, benefit the needy population and generate friendly practices with the planet we seek your help to strengthen the Mi Llave Bank, where donations of clothing, footwear, books, toys, furniture, appliances among other objects of personal and family use to make the process of classification and distribution.

Our Companies

Mi Llave Foundation, has as a characteristic the creation and generation of companies, which destine their profits to the development of the social object of the Foundation, everything under a scheme of collaborative economy, which becomes its main source of income, whose foundation is based on having a higher goal in life than to build their own empires, to redirect resources and efforts in social work and not in particular interests or profit generation.

Currently, the Foundation is the owner of Mi Llave Insurance, whose purpose is to provide advice on the protection of the assets of individuals, entrepreneurs and companies, providing a permanent accompaniment, attending to each of their needs.

It began operations in 2017, where innovation, passion for helping the community and experience in these processes are aspects that are available to its customers, thus providing excellent alternatives for the protection of their patrimony.

It has alliances with the main insurance companies in the country, with close and long-lasting relationships, allowing it to find more adequate support and cost conditions. Its value promise is focused on the protection of its clients’ patrimony, promoting consumption with purpose.

Mi Llave Foundation, as part of its expansion strategy, will continue to create and develop new companies that will allow it to maintain its operation and impact on many more beneficiaries.

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