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"Gratitude turns what we have into enough. It is the sign of noble souls. We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. When we give cheerfully and accept with gratitude, we are all blessed. That is what you are. Thank you so much for that generous heart”.
Cecilia Molina Ahumada
"I am grateful to the Foundation for the work opportunity it gave me and also for the lesson that was taught to me when I learned about the problems of the victims displaced by the armed conflict in our country and the opportunity to serve my fellow humans".
"Congratulations for the great work you do with the children and their parents, from a distance we have witnessed your great help with love and dedication to those who need it most. You are impacting lives and communities. God bless you”.
"For your selfless dedication, love of neighbor and help in concrete solutions. God bless you!"
“Mi Llave Foundation was the best help I could receive when I had no one to take care of my daughter who was a baby, they received my daughter with much love, I have seen their work and it is wonderful all they do for vulnerable and needy people. May God continue to bless you”.
"To thank God for works as beautiful as those done through the Mi Llave Foundation and that are born from hearts full of the love of Jesus, to be able to reach some of the many families in vulnerable conditions with help in food, clothing, education, toys etc., and most importantly the company and word of God that carries through its founders and collaborators that mitigate the loneliness and abandonment that many families live daily ... thanks for such beautiful work, blessings from heaven so they can continue with such beautiful work!”

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