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Donate to a Cause

Be part of a great cause... for the one who believes, everything is possible.

A project of high financial injection that is achieved in the long term to benefit a family or specific population that has unresolved basic priority needs or social problems that must be attended to and/or prioritized.

Some of our future causes:

Construction and support of homes for children, shelters for orphans, and kindergartens for children who do not have access to initial education. With your contribution we are adding up to obtain the budgeted resource for the realization of the current cause. Know our current cause (Delivery of a Safe Home for a family)

We want to provide a safe home for a family that has no chance of acquiring a decent home due to the difficult circumstances that have affected them. We want to reward the effort and dedication of brave mothers and/or families that take care of their children and fight every day for a better future for them.

Our goal is $100.000.000

Donate to a Challenge

Every challenge, however simple it may seem, is part of a great purpose

A financial injection project that is not so high, that is achieved in the short or medium term and seeks to benefit a specific person, family or community that has a common need. Depending on the needs that we find in a recurrent way, we set a goal to reach with the help of many people, the challenge will always have a quantifiable number of help which we want to achieve.

Some of our future challenges:

Provision of books and recreational material for schools, kindergartens that serve low-income population, delivery of school kits, delivery of technological tools for the education of children, delivery of beds and cribs. With your contribution we are adding to obtain the resource for the fulfillment of the proposed challenges. Know our current challenges (delivery of 1,000 food aid and 1,000 Bibles in 2020)

The world thirsts for justice and truth. There is a real and lasting hope, we want many to know and enjoy it. We deliver the manual of good family, social, personal and work practices (The Bible) so that everyone who uses it can transform their life and environment. Believing and accepting Jesus Christ in your heart.

Our goal is to deliver 1.000

Hunger is a reality experienced by many Colombian families and in this moment of crisis it has intensified, we want to help calm it in a great proportion. Join us!

Our goal is to deliver 1.000

Donate to the general work of the foundation

Help us to help through three lines of action:

Guard, Save and Teach.

The foundation provides various forms of permanent and immediate aid to the most needy population.

With your support, you are contributing to help people in need, with different problems, to find an immediate solution that minimizes their current situation. You are also becoming a key to the foundation fulfilling its mission in its three main lines of action (Guard, Save and Teach) and to the administrative, operational and logistical sustainment.

Support Our Programs

Donate in species

All that you give with good will, will be well received

These are aids that you can make from what you have and do not use or have left over from the family market. We receive all kinds of non-perishable food that you want to contribute physically at the headquarters of the foundation also objects and/or new or second hand clothing that are clean and in excellent condition as: desks, beds, furniture, cribs, appliances, computer equipment, technological devices, children's stories, Bibles, toys, diapers, toiletries, among others.

Strengthening with your help the Mi Llave Bank

In order to generate environmental awareness, extend the life of what you do not use, benefit the needy population and generate friendly practices with the planet we seek your help to strengthen the Mi Llave bank where donations of clothing, footwear, books, toys, furniture, appliances among other items of personal and family use to perform the process of classification and distribution.

Donate with Heart

If you have a willing heart, that's enough

At the foundation of my key we know that God has endowed you with gifts and talents that you can place at the service of others, that he has trained you in different disciplines in order to fulfill an extraordinary purpose on this earth.

You can contribute with your talent

With your time and talents, you can impact many lives.

We need volunteers with a heart that is willing to serve and make their talent, profession or time available to the foundation to contribute to the development of the different programs and evangelistic labor.

Escríbenos como quieres apoyar nuestra labor

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