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Hello, welcome to Mi Llave Foundation

We are a non-profit organization, we are encouraged by the strengthening of a fair society that reduces the social gap by transforming the concept of business. We believe in redirecting resources and efforts to serve the most vulnerable population groups as one of the highest goals of companies and economic groups.

The main source of income of Mi Llave Foundation will come from the linked companies which will destine their profits to the development of the social object of the Foundation, all under a scheme of collaborative economy.

Our approach

At Mi Llave Foundation, we understand the tremendous value of the Collaborative Economy and we deeply believe in the impact it has on society. That is why we are working to become the Corporate Social Group Mi llave (GSE Mi Llave, for its acronym in spanish).

GSE Mi Llave will be the result of a conjunct effort from the business and social sectors to improve the conditions of millions of Colombians, believing fundamentally that business support is capable of achieving deep, lasting and significant changes in human welfare, and in this case, is capable of helping Colombians in a situation of social and spiritual vulnerability.

Thus, we feel the responsibility to promote companies willing to give up the accumulation of wealth and willing to redistribute their profits to the segment of the population in greatest need. Mi Llave Foundation seeks to have a lasting social impact, under an innovative scheme of collaborative social economy. We help families in a situation of vulnerability to improve their quality of life from a perspective that is not only economic but also spiritual.

The problem we encountered

In Colombia there are more than 2,500,000 families in a multidimensional poverty situation. These families experience economic and spiritual difficulties that are reflected in the family environment.

On the other hand, thousands of entrepreneurs who lead productive units, as well as consumers of products and services with purchasing power, are aware of the difficult situation experienced by an important segment of the population of Colombia and would like to help, but do not do so because they have not found a simple and efficient way.

Mi Llave Foundation makes available to businessmen and common people the possibility of contributing by acquiring responsible products and services.

Mi Llave Foundation is aimed at more than 2,500,000 families in complex social situations, mainly families with children in vulnerable situations, women who are heads of household, abandoned elderly adults and people with some kind of disability in Colombia or immigrants.

We are the key of companies to serve, to solve the needs of the Colombian population in an environment of love, joy and kindness, with the participation of the community, promoting consumption with a social purpose.

We fight to be the key that delivers the business to the social, in search of strengthening a fair and entrepreneurial society, participatory, equitable and productive, through collaborative strategies, with the aim of promoting social transformation.

In 2026 Mi Llave Foundation will be a leading social organization because it is the key and model to follow for companies to serve, being the best business and social alternative that really pays back to society, opening a future with more opportunities and improving the quality of life of vulnerable population.


Our main policy is to establish and mantain a relationship of truth with the citizens, the vulnerable population, allies, companies and our clients, where RIGHTNESS is our key friend.
We are committed to Colombian society, we are moved by a heart that feels in its own flesh the different social problems, where LOVE is a fundamental key to help, accompany and project a better quality of life for the vulnerable population.
Our principles are NOT negotiable so we act guided by them to be the best model to follow, each person working in the organization is an AUTHENTIC key that must show consistency in everything it does.
To open our eyes every day and see the suffering, the anguish, the hopelessnes of millions of inhabitants in this land; it makes us restless to move with conviction and firmness performing acts of service that become the key to HOPE that allows us to close the past and open a future of opportunities.
We act with professionalism, seeking to addvalue in everything we do, acquiring business tools that allow us to offer a good service, becoming the key to EXCELLENCE for companies and the general population.

What makes us different

Love makes differences and drives us to seek the common good, supporting and sharing knowledge that allows mutual growth by making what we love grow.

We feel that working with joy with our customers, allows the growth of the relationship, where it is very pleasant to give the appropriate response and even more pleasant when it is timely.

Helping things to go well, being persistent, correcting, encouraging with patience and without stopping teaching, will make us find innovative solutions that benefit us mutually.

We know the importance of putting ourselves in the shoes of others, behaving wisely, making the most of every opportunity, with pleasant and good humor relationships, in order to know how to respond to their needs.

We are convinced that growth comes with mutual learning, where sharing the sorrows and joys, practicing fraternal love, being compassionate and humble, will lead to the strengthening of ties and the achievement of objectives.

Our Pillars


When you have God's love in your heart, you learn to love people around you and yourself more.


When you trust in God, you learn to put fear aside and find true peace of mind.


God transforms your relationship with others by helping you to be less insensitive and more kind.


Sadness does not last forever. Even in the midst of difficulties you can find joy in salvation.


Patience comes when you understand that God knows the perfect time for things to happen. He promises to help you. You just have to believe and wait.


It is good to do good. When you understand all the good God has done for you, you will want to do good things for others.


When you focus your life on serving you become small in front of others, people's happiness is the best reward you can receive.

Our history

Mi Llave Foundation was born out as a response to a God’s mandate established in the following biblical passage “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”… Mathew 25: 35-45.

Its founders, attending to the call as children of God to be generous with people in great need of hunger, thirst, clothing, facing health problems, who are orphaned and widowed, decide to create Mi Llave Foundation in the year 2012.

From their particular efforts, they decided to bet on serving others by helping women heads of family who had not solved the care of their children in order to work, so they decided to open the doors of their homes to support them with the care of their children by providing an integral attention, which required effort and dedication.

In the year 2015, due to the situation the country was going through with the Peace process, Mi Llave Foundation opened the doors to work with the population that was victim of the armed conflict through productive workshops that sought ways to generate sustenance and spiritual transformation through spaces of reflection, forgiveness and reconciliation.

At the same time, since its creation and supporting families in extreme vulnerability by attending to some of their basic unresolved needs, it has become a support that brings relief to their difficult lives. But, it is hard to do everything from particular efforts or waiting for the support of people and entities, which in the year 2019 forces its founders to rethink how to obtain the resources for the organization.

In the year 2020 a new board of directors is formed. A new vision is born from a collaborative economy model where Mi Llave Foundation creates companies that sell products and services to generate profits that will be invested in the social programs of the Foundation, acting as a market actor, that generates companies to serve, that goes to the purchasing intelligence of the clients betting on products and services with a double purpose: they satisfy the client’s need at competitive prices and their utility serves to fulfill the mission of the organization.

Work team

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